Sunday, March 7, 2010

Waltz Brunch in Gainesville Ocala

Nearly every third weekend of the month is a feast of sociable folk dancing.
On the Sunday after the third Saturday night Contra dance, most months, is a Waltz brunch followed by an afternoon of English
Country Dancing.

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Make a weekend of dancing or pick and choose your favorites.

I do not know what the name is for this type of waltzing, but I call it American country waltz.

The Waltz brunch is very sociable, with teaching, dancing and schmoozing.

Beginners are welcome.

The Waltz brunch is pot luck. You can bring something to share, but you do not have to.

You can contact Michael Jamieson directly at for more information about the Waltz brunch.

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Watch the Gainesville Dance newsletter for announcements for the next Waltz brunch.

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  1. Waltz Brunch in Gainesville is now called Vintage Waltzers of Gainesville. We meet on third Sundays 2-5 pm at Rena's Ballroom, 720 NW 23rd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32609. For details contact Richard Nalli at

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