Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Partnership Dancing profile on Google

You can now connect via Google Buzz to Partnership Dancing™ at www.google.com/profiles/partnershipdancing
The book Partnership Dancing™ is published at www.PartnershipDancing.com 
Title: Partnership Dancing™
Sub-Title: How to Make Every Dance a Pleasure for You and Your Partner.
Sub-Title: The ABCDs of Dancing with a Partner.
Sub-Title: How to Communicate Every Step in Every Social Dance Unambiguously
Understand the extraordinary, simple insights that let you communicate with your partner so both of you know exactly what to do.
You will learn the three rules and three signals that let you unambiguously communicate every step in every dance in the same way with every partner.
Quit dancing stilted patterns with prepared styling, which have no connection to the music, your partner or your heart.
Imagine, a dance book without patterns.
How is this possible?
Dance communication happens too fast for conscious thought. People use sub-conscious clues to communicate.
You will learn exactly what these sub-conscious clues are so you can improvise any moves you like as the music moves you and your partner inspires you.
Free yourself from the tyranny of prepared choreography and let your dancing soar free.

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