Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Klass Kloggers for Clogging in Gainesville Ocala

You have heard about Israeli, International and Contra dancing in Gainesville and Ocala. Now for American folk dancing with roots in

Join First Klass Kloggers for clogging. Enjoy this fun, percussion dance related to Irish step dancing and American tap dance.

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Traditional clogging is done to bluegrass and country music. Contemporary precision clogging can be done to any type of upbeat
music, including country, pop, rap and even Broadway show tunes. It's easy to learn, a great way to exercise and fellowship, and is
fun for all ages!

First Klass Kloggers also does occasionally performances, so if you want to hear the roar of the crowd, you can do that too.

Clogging classes are Sunday afternoons with internationally known clogging instructor Kelli McChesney. Contact Kelli to find out
when the next beginner series starts.


Andrew Weitzen

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